Editor in CHIEF, Roxie Voorhees

Roxie Voorhees (she/he/they) is the type of ghoul people call a great slay. She is a tangled threesome of Gag me with a Spoon, Welcome to the Darkside, and Catch me Outside. When she isn’t reading, she is writing, and when she isn’t writing she is creating something with her hands while binge-watching Buffy.

Originally from Central California, he now resides with his service dog, a mastador named Bellatrix, in Central Arkansas, where he refuses to use the word y'all, is hella progressive, and dreams of using the bathroom without it being a political stance. 

Roxie is genderfluid! They prefer any/all pronouns and don't mind being included in women specific lists, but asks to please note their fluidity.

They're the co-editor of READER BEWARE and MINE, as well as editor of The Pleasure in Pain.

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