THE LONGEST THIRST: A Splatterwestern

When Lillian killed her father, getting the blood out of her dress was the least of her worries. The Native woman on her left will soon prove to be a blessing, or a curse. Just as hope all but evaporates on the cracked earth of the Mojave, a beacon of light shines in the center of a silver mining town, Calico.

Born into the rigidity of classism, Lillian struggles with the welcoming hospitality of the town and its inhabitants. Convinced this respite is brief, she prepares to return the woman to her people, and flee her crime. Even so, Calico softens her heart and Lillian soon feels she belongs.

But a stranger gallops into Calico. His presence commands obedience, and soon he finds what he is looking for, Lillian.

And they have unfinished business.


NORD, a Yule horror novella, presents two distinct narratives set underneath The Wild Hunt. Both steeped in Norse mythology, you follow the ghostly procession as it travels from the northernmost point to the southern coast of Norway. In Geiranger, Astrid—on the cusp of womanhood, grapples with matters of the heart in her tiny village. Meanwhile, in Tunsberg, two brothers clash in a Balder and Loki retelling after the demise of the king.

Complete with glossary and translations.