Greetings Ghouls, Gays, and Theys

If you found this page, you’re queer. I don't make the rules, that's Dandy at the Lavender Society's job.

But seriously, welcome!

Without passion, we're dead. And I haven't felt more alive than when I took what started as a side project for my self-published titles and morphed it into a fully formed business venture. 

Here we want what others turn away. We want unique, weird, genre-blending stories from outsiders, the punks, the freaks, the voices we can't find anywhere, but desperately want to read. We want clever and challenging prose and storytelling, where socio-political themes run strong. Reach down into the depths of the human experience and splatter it in ink. We want your tired, your broken, your angry and sick.

In short, our mantra at Book Slayer Press is to be different.

What to expect

As a micropress, we plan to publish 4-6 titles per year. To round out our first publishing year (July ‘23- July ‘24), three Roxie Voorhees titles are scheduled followed by our first annual anthology, Negative Creep, A NIRVANA-Inspired Anthology.

Anthology Call opens August 15, 2023.

A November announcement for 2024 (4th quarter) and 2025 publishing season submission window. Subscribe to be the first to know.

Free Little Library

-a paid open call for short stories and chapbooks available for FREE (opening soon)

-donated stories are accepted, but undergo the same vetting process

And this is just the beginning. One thing is clear, we're here to disrupt your reading slump.

XO Roxie

Our vision at Book Slayer Press is to become an independent leader in unique storytelling by exploring diverse and inclusive speculation fiction and genre-chimera prose and poetry.

At Book Slayer Press, we strive to publish a full spectrum of representation and establish reader’s trust through new and experienced creatives.